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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Elderly with TENA®!

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5 Tips To Get Through Chaotic Day

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Sometimes I feel like I can never have the time to get through a chaotic day without just being overwhelmed. Do you sometimes feel like you are in the same position as me? If so, I have some awesome news and can show you how I get through my day and it will help you!
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How running has Transformed my life!

Just a little transformation pic for you all today. I used to hate being in swimsuits, even bikini’s, after running for a year I’m now loving my body and actually seeing more muscles I didn’t ever see before. The difference in these two pics is that I physically felt better, and also mentally feel better in the second picture. Working out is a huge stress reliever for me and it’s almost like a quick little therapy session each day. I knew I had to make a few lifestyle changes and not go on some crazy or extreme diet to do this. I did running every other day for a year and now I’m growing to like it, I hate it still, but it has gave me some growth to my body and it motivated me so much when I started seeing a change in both my inner self, and my body! The biggest advice i would give to you is to actually like it even if you hate it. Running just sucks big time, but making myself go to the gym or outside and having a positive outlook on it makes it awesome. you guys all have the best weekend and get a little time to spend on yourself! Love you all!

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My Physical Therapy Assisting Career Featuring Smitten Scrubs

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Today’s post is about what I do as my job! I haven't shared a lot of what I do on this blog besides fashion and traveling, but everyone has a job somewhere in between their blogging. Today I am going to share my journey through my health care careers. 

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